Buying Tips and
Due Diligence
Investor corridor: Buying tips and due diligence

In the past few years Indian economy has seen a phase of increase in the land and property prices going to almost double in a span. This clearly implies that this sector is given a good amount of returns to the domestic investors and therefore, it is an inspiration to the overseas investors. However, the spur in prices has not impacted the overseas investments significantly because the currency cost per dollar declined during the period. For overseas investors the increase in property prices is of a marginal value, which means it is still a good option / timeframe to invest in Indian real estate for good returns. As per the latest statistics shared by OFIC (Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre) every second investment query received in the support centre is on the investment in residential property in our country.

For investment purposes or looking for an establishment in any city in India, you have to be very careful in selecting the seller or agent for the property. It will often come into your mind as to whether the seller / agent is reliable or not as the sum paid is your hard earned money. And you will never be interested in spending this amount at a place which can lead to losses. Therefore, before going ahead for such investment, it is imperative that you investigate and validate all necessary information around it. Following is a guide which can be referred prior to arriving at a decision.