Buying Tips and
Due Diligence
Buying vs Renting: Which is Better?

Investing in real estate is considered more probable to increase in value and provide tax deductions, however, renting a property sometimes makes more sense financially, including supplementary benefits. The decision of buying or renting also depends on various factors based on personal needs and priorities. One can find affordable housing options, be it rental or for purchase, by looking at ready-to-move-in flats in Jaipur. The choice of renting vs buying is dependent on multiple factors listed below: 

Credit Score and Savings

High upfront costs are associated with buying a home hence, the right amount of savings plays a vital role in the payment of down payment, and a good credit score aids the process of getting better EMI options and lower interest rates. Homeownership comes with tangible benefits such as ownership of luxury flats in Jaipur, building assets and wealth, and tax deductions along with intangible benefits that include community belongingness, stability, and pride. 

Stable Income

A steady job and stable income are keys to the repayment of loans and fulfilling the EMIs on time. One must have at least 8-12 months saved in a contingency fund to battle any financial crisis. It is advisable to rent if the source of income is irregular or subject to change, as it offers the benefit of moving to more affordable places considering the income fluctuations. Renting apartments in Jaipur lets one have a predictable monthly budget, flexible accommodation options, and reduced responsibilities and costs of maintenance and repairs.

Permanent Abode

One must always compare the cost of living at a rented accommodation versus the EMI paid for a self-owned place. If work requirements keep one on tours and shifting is a part of the job then many would prefer renting since it allows a cheaper accommodation option. Here is the catch, you should invest in new projects in Jaipur and rent it out. This way you will finance your EMIs and rent through rental income while creating a permanent abode for yourself.

Other Aspirations

It is important to consider how the accommodation situation affects your other aspirations, such as access to better amenities, education of children, proximity to medical facilities, etc. You should bargain into a system that balances the opportunity costs associated with the purchase of a house so that further ambitions are also achieved in the due course. 

While renting a property is a complete expense, buying a property creates a lifelong asset, the value of which will surely appreciate. Convert your monthly rents to EMIs and convert your expenses into an asset. Flats in Jaipur are a lucrative choice at present, given their location and the growing metro city that is not as polluted and hustling as other metro cities. Chordia Group is always there for its customers to provide the right real estate guidance and make the best of the deal.