Goodness is the only Investment that Never Fails” - Henry David Thoreau

We believe in ploughing back to society for the resources and faith it has bestowed us for our growth and meeting noble objectives. In this regard, we established NCG Foundation, a non-profitable organisation, in 2014 to carry out CSR activities. NCG Foundation undertakes many projects aimed at the upliftment and betterment of society and environment we operate in. 

Towards Farmers

Land is the primary source of income for the farmers and our major resource for development. Our priority is to provide farmers with fair compensation and hassle-free proceedings for land acquisition. 

Concerning their financial independence, we make commercial development around our townships, like grocery and vegetable shops. The ownership of these shops is given to the farmers, so they continue to earn their livelihood

Extending our responsibility towards farmers, we have adopted many schools in the township vicinity to provide free-of-cost education to farmers’ children. 

Towards Community

We have introduced Rajasthan’s first free dialysis centre at Shyam Nagar, Jaipur - Shri Kanchan Dialysis Centre. It is a unit of Shree Krishan Kanchan Sewa Trust with the motto, "A trust by common man for common men." Our specialised team of doctors dedicatedly work round the clock consulting and treating 200-250 patients every month. The joy of people being in safe hands and receiving timely treatment is what we thrive on. 

Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) is a non-profit organisation with 36 Chapters across India. Its core focus is to work on the development of Indian Tribal and Rural through non-formal primary education for 6-14 years children. It works on the concept of One Teacher School (OTS) or Ekal Vidyalaya and imparts five-fold education - primary, development, healthcare, awareness, and sanskar education. 
As part of our contribution, we donated a three-story building in 2019 for this noble cause. Ekal Bhawan, Jaipur is Prashikshan Kendra for North Zone and can accommodate 80 persons at a time. We also make regular donations to FTS to carry out their activities smoothly.

We organise Blood Donation Camps from time to time, encouraging people to come forward for this noble cause. Our efficient team of paramedical take utmost care of the donors and ease their doubts regarding blood donation.   

Under NCG Foundation, we have established Shree Ram Vrudhashram on Tonk Road, Jaipur where homeless old citizens are given shelter. They are provided with a home-like environment, care, and love by our caretakers and volunteers. It's their home away from home!

Abiding laws of the land and understanding their importance, we strictly prohibit practising Child Labour at our sites and follow the rules set by Labour Law of India. 

“Child labour and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labour of children as the treatment

for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labour to the end of time” – Grace Abbott

Towards Environment

As pioneers in the industry, providing a healthy and sustainable future is our prime duty. Our adept team constantly works towards incorporating eco-friendly, sustainable, and green construction techniques at our sites. 

We ensure that our buildings have green cover and proper ventilation, keeping the area naturally cool. Our spaces receive natural sunlight, reducing the consumption of electricity. 

With our innovative and futuristic architecture, we aim at minimising carbon footprint, wisely utilising natural resources, conserving nature, and making sustainable development. 

Upcomming Initiatives

NCG Foundation will soon launch Mobile Health Clinics. They aim to facilitate the services of qualified doctors with paramedical teams and lab technicians to people residing in slum areas. Individuals will be provided with free check-ups and diagnoses for various ailments.

Medical Assistance Programme will also be started to provide medical and financial assistance to underprivileged patients for different treatments and surgeries. 

Our view of equipping the medical facility is incomplete without caring about hygienic and liveable surroundings. In this light, Cleanliness Initiative will be undertaken to install garbage bins and ensure proper and clean drainages for waste disposal. We also intend to provide clean drinking water and cleaning water tanks at regular intervals. 

“Every person in a well-ordered state is fully conscious of both his responsibilities and his rights” – Mahatma Gandhi