About Us

With a legacy of 35+ glorious years, Chordia Group is a well-recognised name in the real estate industry for its highly engineered and sustainable architecture with world-class designs and amenities. 

We were the first group to introduce JDA-approved integrated townships. We also initiated the concept of inviting other builders to construct structures in our townships introducing innovation and synergy to the industry. 

With each project since inception, we have set a benchmark for quality development, improved standard of living, and conscientious customer satisfaction. We ensure our customers get the best architecture and amenities designed considering their minute needs and comfort at value for money and easy possession procedures. We are proud to complete our projects within committed time and assured material quality. We focus on transformation to meet the changing needs of our customers with utmost safety and quality.

Our projects are ecologically balanced, meeting the criteria set by IGBC. We implement ‘Green Building’ concept in our projects pertaining to resources, innovative techniques, and unique perspectives in line with IGBC guidelines. Our planning and designing are intelligent to conserve natural resources, use less water, implement sky gardens and landscaping, and make our buildings energy efficient to give a healthy and sustainable environment to the residents and society at large. Our highly skilled and dedicated team work toward the common objective of delivering the best to our customer and stakeholders.

We have grown under the noble guidance of our Chairperson, Mr Vinay Chordia who is enthusiastic, dedicated, and thoughtful towards building advanced architecture facilitating modern prerequisites. With his expertise, foresightedness, and experience of two decades in the realty industry, we offer top-notch architecture in different segments, like Residential, Commercial Centres, Townships, and Farm Houses.     

Carrying forward the legacy of his father and forefathers, Mr Nitin Chordia followed in their footsteps and joined the company at a young age. Since then, he is working passionately towards the growth of the company and the betterment of society. He started NCG Foundation to undertake many CSR projects for improving the living standards of society and helping those in need with utmost proficiency and care. Working towards the welfare of the community and stakeholders is at our hearts, and Mr Nitin Chordia leaves no stone unturned to meet the objectives of NCG and Chordia Group as a whole.  

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  • Taking forward our experience of more than two decades to serve the realty industry with utmost sincerity and dedication
  • Providing affordable and comfortable architecture with excellent infrastructure through thoughtful expertise and innovative engineering 
  • Offering Dream Homes at economical rates to satisfy the basic and luxury needs of the customer
  • Constantly acquiring and practising contemporary and aesthetic trends in real estate development for a long-lasting relationship with customers
  • Providing a healthy, friendly, and inspiring environment to the team to assure quality and credibility with high standards in all our deliverables
  • Contributing to national infrastructure ventures and being socially responsible for conserving nature and improving the environment in which we live in
  • To focus on growth, development and transformation of the quality of life and living standards of our customers and society as a whole
  • To be a global provider of professional and dedicated real estate development services to our customers for value for money
  • To envisage a future with luxurious and innovative trends in real estate for development with modern and traditional aspects
  • To establish a standard for excellent quality to set a benchmark worldwide
  • To deliver supreme commercial and residential projects in India and worldwide meeting the needs of the customers while complying with our highest quality standards
  • To make NCG Foundation a trustworthy and dedicated organisation for the betterment of society, making it approachable for people seeking help 

We believe in carrying forward our legacy of 35+ years in the real estate industry with commitment, excellence, and sustainable growth contributing to meeting the highest quality standards for our customers and serving society with compassion for its development and better living standards.